So, you want a new website for your business. As a long-term investment and an essential part of your business, you probably have a lot of important questions, such as ‘What is the best way to build a website?”

As a household name, you’ve undoubtedly heard of WordPress before. As the most popular website building software in the world, 41.9% of all websites use WordPress. And WordPress has a whopping 65% share of the CMS (content management system) market.

As Canada’s leading tech hub, web developers in Toronto have been at the forefront of helping businesses build better websites using WordPress.

In this article, we’ll look at why WordPress may be the best choice for your business and why working with a professional website developer will help you get the most out of your WordPress website.

Why Use WordPress for Your Business Website?

There are many good reasons why both WordPress developers in Toronto and businesses alike prefer working with WordPress:

  • Affordability: WordPress is a free, open-source software project, and it doesn’t look like that will change soon. Themes and plugins can also be entirely free or very affordable, and there are many inexpensive hosting options. Finally, the build and maintenance of a WordPress website will be cheaper because it’s quicker and easier to work with.
  • Flexibility: There are hundreds of thousands of WordPress themes and plugins. Anything that a custom website can do, WordPress can do too. Because it’s built on standard web technologies, WordPress can easily integrate with other third-party technologies or back-end infrastructure because it’s built on standard web technologies.
  • Scalability: WordPress is suitable for everyone, from individuals to small businesses to global corporations. Even household brands use WordPress like Sony, PlayStation, Microsoft, and Facebook. It can quickly grow and adapt alongside your business.
  • Easy to use: WordPress is meant to make digital publishing accessible to everyone. You can build an essential website without a degree or professional experience. If you want an advanced site with custom design and features, you can still quickly learn to use the content management tools to publish to your blog and manage some of the day-to-day aspects of your website.

Why Should You Hire a WordPress Developer?

But, if it’s so easy to build a website using WordPress, why do you need a WordPress developer in Toronto?

Glad you asked!

The fact of the matter is that our time, money, and resources are always limited to some degree. If you’re not already an expert WordPress user or have a talented team, you’ll need to put in a lot of time and effort to learn the ins and outs.

Building a successful business website also requires combining many different skillsets, regardless of whether it’s a WordPress, custom code, or any other type of website. For example, you need some knowledge of marketing and SEO to attract, keep, and convert visitors. Never mind an eye for design or some technical ability for advanced features or maintenance.

In many ways, teaming up with a WordPress developer can combine the best of both worlds. You’ll get all the typical benefits of using WordPress, plus some of the advantages of having a custom-built website.

With that in mind, here are the top reasons why you should consider hiring a WordPress developer:

Unique Design and Custom Features

Yes, plug-and-play themes and plugins may be one of the most significant advantages of using WordPress. However, as always, whenever you go for full-on convenience, you’ll have to sacrifice some autonomy, creativity, and uniqueness.

While there are hundreds of thousands of themes and plugins, there are millions of businesses registered worldwide. There’s always a chance that you’ll end up using the same theme as several other websites. Without any custom work or a lot of time and effort, there is a limit to how unique you can make your website.

And, in the online business world, distinguishing your brand from the competition is everything.

With a WordPress developer, you can have the best of both worlds. It will still be cheaper, quicker, and more accessible than building a website from scratch. However, the developer will give your website unique styling and features with custom code.

Some high-quality WordPress themes and plugins are developer-friendly, making it easier for developers and designers to fine-tune the style and features with custom code.

This can involve using shortcodes to speed up and simplify the website building process, add custom elements or styling, entire developer APIs, or build custom integrations with third-party platforms or business applications.

A Better All-Around WordPress Website

Whether you have a custom or WordPress website, security is a considerable concern online. If your business website is hacked, it can lead to significant harm, from financial loss to data loss/theft to losing the public’s trust.

Over the years, there has been a trend of WordPress websites being targeted by hackers precisely because their owners don’t necessarily know how to secure their websites properly.

This is where a WordPress developer can be handy. They will know about the most common vulnerabilities of WordPress websites and how to implement the top security best practices to block most attacks.

Malicious attacks aside, performance issues can also affect your business by making your website unavailable or frustrating customers. An experienced WordPress developer will ensure your website is fast, reliable, and available as much as possible.

A More Effective Business Website

Having an effective business website is about more than just a pretty design and bug-free code.

Depending on what you do and what you want to achieve through your website, you might have to optimize it for various things:

  • SEO/search engine rankings
  • Lead generation
  • User journeys for sales
  • Business promotion and digital marketing

As a literal billboard for your business online, a certain amount of marketing and business savvy is needed to create a successful business website. Most website developer agencies have employees who fill different roles and work together to create a well-rounded business website.

While creating an essential website in WordPress might be easy, learning these skills and how to apply them specifically to a WordPress business website can be a considerable challenge.

Support, Onboarding, and Maintenance

As we mentioned before, one of the advantages of using WordPress is the user-friendly CMS interface.

A professional WordPress development service will complete a high-quality WordPress website for you and help you through the onboarding process. They will show you the ropes of how to get started with using WordPress, including logging in and out, moderating comments or communications, and publishing/managing your blog content.

Depending on your agreement, this may also involve ongoing support. In this case, the developers can take care of any technical issues, from bugs to performance problems to routine maintenance.

Even if you do wish to change developers down the road or employ your one internal IT team, handing over a WordPress website will be a much easier process than a custom one.


There are many reasons to use a WordPress website for your business. WordPress saves you time, money and makes your life easier. By working with a WordPress developer, you won’t have to sacrifice convenience to get a unique website with custom features. Simply put, WordPress lets you have your cake and eat it too.

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