You have spent time, money and considerable effort starting your business. You have nurtured your creation to help it grow and you have spent every minute dreaming about the happy customers and healthy business. You have done so well at accomplishing your dream that you just may have forgotten to upgrade your website.

It happens to many business people, we get so caught up in actually getting work done that we forget to freshen up some aspects along the way. It may be time to update your website if any of the following applies to your site or business:

  1. Your site simply looks old.

Maybe it’s cluttered in the old must over educate fashion or perhaps the colours aren’t on trend. Are your pictures so old that if in print they would have faded from age? Is your font easy to read and the navigation easy to find? Sometimes the old ways still work but need some freshening up.

  1. Your site is very slow or not compatible with mobile devices.

Loading time is important on any device but your old site could not only take a lot longer to load on cell phones and tablets but the layout may chase mobile visitors away. A new mobile friendly layout should be considered, especially if many of your customers are viewing your site and contacting you through mobile devices.

  1. Your company info, policy or services have changed.

As you grow with your business your site may not have the best information or representation of your message. Perhaps it’s time to add new bios, policy and employee photos to your site. A look at revitalizing older services may also be needed. As we evolve we also add or subtract offerings but may forget to update these changes on our websites.

  1. You haven’t had a blog or made current content updates to your site.

Having a blog and using keywords and SEO may not have been as popular back when you started out. A static website got you off the ground and kept you afloat but now it’s time to upgrade. To grow your company you need to reach out more with marketing tactics like frequent, well written blog posts using your target keywords. Your site copy may also need to be updated to include keywords to better rank your site in search engine listings. It could also be time to look at your Social Media standings.

Does your site fall under any of these categories? If so it’s likely time you looked at having a new site designed that will bring your business into the new online world and show more people how awesome you are! Get in touch with blackDot.ca today!

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