Video, photography, illustration and animation are excellent ways to get your business promoted and your products displayed to potential customers. The appeal of using these media outlets is that they are a quick way for consumers to process what your business can offer them. For instance, the success of Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and other social media outlets demonstrate the fact that people like to see photos and watch videos. Well done photography, short videos, clever illustrations and even animation are professional and creative ways to project and/or advertise your brand and image to the public. Different methods your business may want to utilize include:

  • Professional product shots of what your business offers (i.e. food products),
  • Real-time animation that runs in your website background,
  • Photos, video, illustration and/or animation to use during business meetings,
  • Demo-reels that your business can feature on your website or in potential client meetings (i.e. Check out‘s Demo Reel here)
  • And visual media used to increase your business mobile advertising.

For more information, take a look at:

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By: Keshra Lucille

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