When your business website is under construction, displaying a unique coming soon page will encourage people to come back to the site and check it out. To be honest, when many of us visit a website that is blank because it is currently undergoing changes we leave the web page never to come back again. By having a creative coming soon page you leave people wondering what the finished website will look like, and most likely people will come back wanting to see the end result. When looking at the various cool spa websites to blog about, I came across this “Even Websites Need Me Time” coming soon page by Rosewood Spa (as pictured below). This coming soon page just struck me as creative, witty and made me wonder why more companies don’t adopt this approach?

Rosewood Spa


If you are thinking about re-designing your website, or you are creating a whole new website then try using a creative and memorable custom made under construction page. If you are looking for a quicker solution, then take a look at these examples of really awesome templates below. Whatever you choose, please don’t leave a blank web page with the words “Sorry, this page is still under construction” because that is just cringe worthy and truly uninspiring. For more cool templates check out 95+ Best Coming Soon Under Construction Templates.





By: Keshra Lucille

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