Every once in awhile we notice technology and gadgets that make life just a little bit easier. Unfortunately, it can be quite confusing trying to find the perfect and hassle-free solution for our everyday needs. We have recently come across some amazing gadgets that have really impressed us, and we would like to share what we have found.

1. Kenu AirframeKenu

I personally bought this car vent mount for use in the car with my iPod. This little gadget is the best thing that has happened to me tech-wise. I found the Airframe after tirelessly searching for a holder for my iPod. I can not tell you how many car holders I have bought and returned to simply hold my iPod in place. The first problem with the previously purchased holders included poor craftsmanship that made the entire device wobbly upon the lightest touch. Second, the intricate and elaborate designs of the previous devices did nothing to enhance the ease of use, but actually further complicated how to use the device. Third, none of the previous devices fit my oddly and non-standard air vents. And last, with every holder I’ve tried, the iPod just slips out—not cute. Simply put, I have searched far and wide for a proper and simple car mount for my iPod and I finally found the best device. At last, the Kenu Airframe was an answer to my prayers…literally. I can honestly say that this little thing is THE best tech gadget I have personally bought in 2013. The grip on the iPod in this car vent mount is like an old-school Kung-Fu grip, in other words it ain’t lettin’ go. Secondly, the design is simple, no nonsense, and easy to use. I finally found a product that says what it does and it delivers. I’m in love with this gadget and I highly recommend getting the Kenu Airframe (especially if you are in the same position I was in). The Airframe goes for $24.95 and I’m telling you, you won’t be let down!

2. Yamaha Studio Monitors HS50Myamaha

Like many of you, we spend countless hours at our desks working, browsing the web and listening to music. Hence, we wanted good desktop speakers to listen to music the way the artist intended it to be heard. We’ve always heard of the Yamaha Studio Monitors and how amazing the sound quality was. So, we decided to give them a try and boy were we not disappointed! While testing the speakers out, we played various songs to really see what all the hype was about. The sound quality emanating from these speakers is by far the cleanest, clearest, and sharpest sound coming out of speakers we’ve ever heard (especially for this price range). The Monitors produce sounds from the music so clear you can hear new instruments in your favourite song that you have never heard before. Plus of course, the sleek black and white design goes with everything and the little glowing Yamaha sign is too cool. While the Monitors can range in price depending on what you purchase with them, you can always find a good deal on Amazon or Ebay ($150-$400). If you spend a lot of time at your desk and you’re serious about music, then we definitely recommend spending the extra money to get some high quality sounding speakers.

3. TLC Pouches and SmartPursetlcpouchsmartpurse

Okay, while we haven’t had the chance to actually use these smartphone wallets, we had to mention them as they seem to be able to comfortably hold your phone, cards and other items. First seen and reviewed on Mashable’s 10 Accessories to Jazz Up Your Smartphone, these wallets look to be really useful as an all-in-one carry-all. The TLC Pouches (on the left) are hand made with soft materials and lining to prevent scratching on your smartphone. The TLC Pouches can hold an iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, HTC, Samsung and more. The fabric made SmartPurse (on the right) seems to have plenty of compartments for cards, coins and it houses your phone in a plastic see through compartment. You can customize your SmartPurse into a form that suits you (i.e. wallet, clutch, wristlet, crossbody) and you can choose from many different fabric design options. The price range for the TLC Pouches ranges from $26.60CAD-$30.85CAD, and the going price for the the SmartPurse ranges from $43USD-$63USD. Only drawback on the SmartPurse is that they currently only deliver to the United States.



By: Keshra Lucille


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