By: Jani Hämäläinen

Everything seems to be moving to a cloud these days. Cloud based services have transformed from an interesting concept to a proven technology with many benefits. The chances are that you use a cloud based service several times a day even without knowing it.

Cloud ComputingCloud is a virtual layer service (storage, service etc.) on top of an actual physical layer (computer/computers). Traditional hosting technology with physical servers offer certain advantages such as more speed with a comparable hardware configuration but comes with risks as well. Catastrophic hardware failures can take a long time to fix and upgrading the server may mean significant downtime and possibly limits set by hardware such as maximum amount of possible server memory to mention a couple.

Cloud hosting offers many significant benefits to businesses that require robust hosting services and high availability. Creating “snapshots” of a cloud server is easy and in case of unlikely, yet possible catastrophic file system failure it’s possible to quickly and easily reboot the server from a previously saved image. When more resources are needed there are no hardware changes required and the server can be made more powerful very quickly. Cloud hosting keeps your business website serving no matter how busy it may get for whatever reason. When opportunity knocks it’s good to be ready!

Another great benefit is that hardware failures rarely affect a cloud – if a piece of cloud hardware layer fails other pieces take over and keep the cloud served and ready – and in vast majority of cases no one notices a thing.

If you’re ready to take your business to a cloud talk to us. From shared cloud servers to dedicated cloud servers we can tailor-make you a package fitting your budget.

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