Does e-mail marketing still work these days? The short answer is ‘yes’. The long answer is ‘yes’ because it’s an easy way to send information to potential customers and consumers without them having to search for it (which they may not do on their own). E-mail marketing works because of its permission-based nature, i.e. consumers want to hear from you and is why they gave you their e-mail in the first place.

spamBut, stay away from spamming and purchased e-mail lists (as tempting and affordable as they may seem). In terms of frequency, don’t go overboard with the e-mails. Try to offer recipients with information that it is relevant to their needs and interests. Meaning, do not only advertise your product but present the value it may have for the recipient (or their friends, family members, and colleagues). For more information on e-mail marketing strategies, please read the following articles:

10 Reasons Why Email Marketing Still Works by Euan Johnston

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How to Have Success with Email Marketing by Sarah S. Kilborne

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