40 Websites for Design Inspiration

The articles 20 Inspirational Website Designs and 20 Fantastic Website Designs Using Pastel Color Schemes showcase some awesome websites with various looks in layout, design and colour scheme. If you need some design inspiration in order to spruce up your own website,...

Design Inspiration: Loading Bars

Every detail of your website should be carefully thought out to ensure your message is well delivered and in a way that evokes great user experience. Even the loading bars on websites can be touched up with a little creativity making the websites more unique. The...

Fun and Creative Website Designs

What we love about design these days are the new and amazing ways of showcasing your website. Web design and web development have really come a long way, and it’s truly inspirational to see all the creativity in websites. The two articles below present some fun...

Design Inspiration: Header Images

Making sure your website header is functional and easy to navigate is definitely important. Making your website header another design feature on your website is just as important. Nowadays, the evolving trend of website design is growing and becoming more interesting,...

Design Inspiration: Square Elements

Looking for some new design inspiration to modernize and rejuvenate your website? Then you have to take a look at 20 Creative Websites Featuring Square Elements for some new and fresh design ideas!  
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