madeinCanadaIn honour of Canada Day, we thought we would take the time to recognize amazing Canadian historical figures. Here are some Canadians (and definitely not all) who have technologically shaped the lives of Canadians today and the rest of the world!


1em1872-Elijah “The Real” McCoy: Canadian-American inventor of the automated lubricator for steam engines, folding ironing board, lawn sprinkler and 57 other patents in Canada and the United States.



2hw1874-Henry Woodward: Invented the incandescent lamp which he then sold the patent to Thomas Edison who is credited with the commercial light bulb.



3AGB1876-Alexander Graham Bell: Inventor of the telephone and founder of the Bell Telephone Company.




4raf1906-Reginald A. Fessenden: Invented the Wireless Radio, patented a television system among several other patents.




5er1925-Edward Rogers, Sr.: Inventor of the first alternating current radio tube for the Battery-less radio, and founder of Rogers Communication.



6dh1942-Donald L. Hings: Invented the Walkie-Talkie and has 55 Canadian and United States Patents .




7hlc1945-Hugh Le Caine: Invented the Music Synthesizer.




9jbandml1984-Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis: Blackberry’s (formerly Research In Motion) co-founders and co-CEO’s.




10ati1985-K. Y. Ho, Lee Ka Lau and Benny Lau: Co-founders of ATI Technologies, Inc.; the makers of computer graphic chips and boards.




8jg1994-James Gosling: Created the JAVA Software programming language.




11bt1996-Dr. Brent Townshend: Created the 56K bit/sec modem.




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By: Keshra Lucille


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