There’s nothing better than having the best app to occupy your free time. Whether you are filling the wait times in between travelling, or you just want some simple entertainment, then you have go to check out the following 8 apps!

What to Pack


If you actually happen to be travelling, What to Pack is a web based app that generates a checklist of items you need to bring with you when you are travelling. The checklist of items is generated by answers to certain criteria (i.e. where are you going, how long are you going? etc.) and will tell you exactly what you need to bring based on those answers (i.e. gloves, sunglasses, map, train tickets etc). Very cool app even for the well seasoned traveler!



The Houzz app is one of those apps that you can get lost in for hours….literally hours. Houzz features thousands and thousands of pictures and design ideas for your home. If you’re renovating, or if you just need to re-decorate Houzz has got you covered. The app not only features design ideas and where you can buy some of the design items, but it gives you suggestions for contractors and designers in your area. You are also able to save design ideas to your own portfolio for later viewing and inspiration. This app is fantastic for those interested in jazzing up their home inside and out.



How could we not mention an app that you can get all your news and celebrity gossip with?! The DailyMail has put together an app that is the absolute standard for well functioning news apps. It’s easy to navigate and just all around a well done app. Just be careful using this app at work, because once you get started on the DailyMail “news” your productivity is bound to go down. Anyone already using this app knows exactly what I mean!



If you haven’t already heard about 2048, pay close attention! 2048 is a mathematical game where the objective is to combine number tiles to ultimately get to tile 2048. It’s kind of like Tetris meets Sudoku. Once you start playing this game you are hooked. I am not sure when the fun turns into obsession, but it was definitely a thin line. You’ve been warned that this game is highly addictive!



So basically, this game is kind of like Flappy Bird. That is, you have to maneuver a little airplane (instead of a bird) around dangerous obstacles. The only difference with this game is that you can gain points/coins that allow you to save your progress or you can keep re-playing the difficult level until you move to the next. To read more about Retry click here. This game app is also developed by Rovio (the makers of Angry Birds), so it’s guaranteed to give you delightful entertainment and not so much the often infuriating reaction Flappy Bird has been known to evoke.

Cool Wallpapers HD


This wallpaper app for your android device gives you thousands of photos to browse with your mobile device. The photos are neatly categorized with new photos constantly being added. This is a really good wallpaper app especially after trying so many others that just fail miserably (in selection and usability). You won’t be disappointed with the overwhelming selection of pictures to choose from.



Ringdroid is another great app for android devices. If you are looking to make your own sounds for your ringtone, alarms, and notifications than Ringdroid is your go-to app. If you need some help navigating through the app, you can read this article here.

By: Keshra Lucille


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