For design inspiration, take a look at these well done medical websites. If you have a business in the medical/health field, it’s not a bad idea to become inspired for your next website or website redesign. Even if you don’t have a business directly tied to the medical/health profession, we found these website designs to be really inspirational for the following reasons. The first reason being that the designs are bright with inspirational and motivational colours. That is, the colours blue, green and yellow complimented with the use of white space evoke the feelings of comfort, relaxation, health, warmth and peace. Those colours are appropriately chosen as they evoke all the right feelings you want a medical/health website to emanate to its audience. Second, the design layouts are clean and clearly laid out making it easy for potential customers to navigate through the sites and quickly find the information they need. Last, the use of beautiful photographic and/or design images really catches the eyes of its audience and grabs their attention. Since your website has one second to impress, it is definitely important to create a website that can keep consumers and potential customers on your website. Design inspiration can come from anywhere and we hope you can get some new ideas for your own business website.























By: Keshra Lucille

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